15 minutes could grow your

new patient numbers by 20%

If your appointment book is not chock-o-block full, then you owe to yourself to check this out . . .

For a limited time, spend just 15 minutes with Australia’s number one Google-ranked dental marketing agency to discover how you could grow your new patient numbers by 20%.

Usually, the investment for this offer is $199, but until 31 Jan 22, you can do this for FREE . . . but only if you’re quick.

How does it work?

Step One:

Complete your details below and book in to talk to a member of the Dental Marketing Solutions team about the online presence for your practice.

The team will run a report to find out where:

Step Two:

Have a free, 15-minute, no obligation chat with the team to go through the findings of the report, which you get to keep.

If you want help implementing the recommendations from the report, there are options for that too.

About Angus and Dental Marketing Solutions

Multi-award-winning Practice Growth Specialist, Angus Pryor, is an author, marketer, and international speaker. He is the number one Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia.

In 2020, Angus’ marketing agency was recognised with the highly coveted marketing award from the Australian Dental Industry Association.

At his agency, Dental Marketing Solutions, he surrounds himself with a hand-picked team of experts covering a range of digital and traditional marketing services.

"The whole digital marketing space is pretty confusing and it’s hard to know who to believe. It’s been really nice dealing with someone who delivers what they say."

Dr Paul Rollason, Brisbane, QLD


How can you give me a 20% boost in new patient numbers from a 15-minute chat?

From our experience with dental practices all over Australia, we’ve learnt that a strong online presence is essential to attracting new patients in your local area. The report we run for you will show you where the missed opportunities are, and how you can improve.

What can I expect on the 15 min call?

Firstly, you can expect a relaxed chat with a member of the Dental Marketing Solutions team – we’re here to help (no high-pressure tactics).

Secondly, we’ll show you what we found. Our experience is that practices (i) are very surprised at what the report shows, and (ii) have found the experience well worth their time investment.

What happens if you find something really bad in my report?

We’re here to help. We don’t just want to leave you with the bad news, we can also discuss options for getting problems fixed, so you can get that 20% boost in new patients.

Is this really free?

For a limited time, yes. Your only investment is 15 minutes of your time.


This offer runs for 10 days only (31 Jan 2022) and after that the fee is $199. Once the spots are gone, they are gone!

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