Australian Achiever Awards 2023

Dental Marketing Solutions Earns Esteemed Recognition in the 2023 Australian Achiever Awards for Exemplary Customer Service

Dental Marketing Solutions is delighted to announce its outstanding accomplishment in the distinguished 2023 Australian Achiever Awards. With a remarkable score of 93.13% in the customer relations and service category, Dental Marketing Solutions has been bestowed with the highly coveted Highly Recommended status, underscoring its unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service within the Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations Services sector.

Excellence Across Multiple Customer Service Categories:

Time-Related Service – 94%

Dental Marketing Solutions recognizes the paramount importance of promptness and reliability across all customer interactions, including phone calls, appointments, and delivery.

Client Needs – 91.67%

At the heart of Dental Marketing Solutions’ approach lies a profound understanding of and commitment to fulfilling client needs.

Care and Attention – 95%

This exceptional score reflects the company’s unwavering dedication to delivering a personalized and attentive approach, guaranteeing that every client receives the utmost care.

Value – 86.67%

While upholding the highest standards of service excellence, Dental Marketing Solutions seeks to strike a delicate balance between customer satisfaction and cost considerations.

Attitude – 95.56%

The embodiment of politeness, friendliness, and effective problem-solving skills forms the cornerstone of Dental Marketing Solutions‘ approach to customer service.

Communication – 86.36%

Clear and courteous communication plays an integral role in cultivating robust customer relationships. Dental Marketing Solutions proactively fosters effective communication channels and maintains an open and transparent dialogue with clients.

Referral – 93.75%

A resounding testament to exceptional service lies in the power of word-of-mouth recommendations.

Overall Perception – 93.06%

Consistency, unwavering standards of excellence, and a polished presentation contribute to Dental Marketing Solutions’ overall perception.

Client Feedback: Areas of Strength and Opportunities for Improvement

Dental Marketing Solutions has garnered commendations from its valued customers for a myriad of strengths, including its strategic planning capabilities, adept consulting services, and expertise in search engine optimization (SEO). These invaluable attributes have played a pivotal role in the success and growth of its clients’ businesses.

Furthermore, the company has actively sought feedback and received constructive suggestions for improvement. These suggestions encompass expanding copywriting services for business-to-business communications, enhancing training programs for new staff members, and refining the funnel and follow-through approach for social media marketing campaigns.

Client Testimonials

“They are very professional, thorough, and on top of our requirements. I am very happy and attribute much of our success to them. We have grown the business up to eight times since using them.”

“The Dental Marketing Solutions staff are knowledgeable, and they understand our business needs. They get back to us promptly and are happy to be emailed changes, Also, I appreciate thot they are proactive in finding room for improvement.”

“I have been a long-term customer of Dental Marketing Solutions. They are really prompt in following up, and their communication is clear. Their service is excellent, and I have received what I wanted from them. I am glad I use their services.”

Dental Marketing Solutions – Exemplary Customer Service and a Promising Future

Dental Marketing Solutions’ achievement in the 2023 Australian Achiever Awards reflects its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service. With a highly recommended status and an impressive track record across various customer service values, the company is poised to continue its success and maintain its position as a trusted and reliable partner in the industry.

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