Business Lessons from Charity

The business lessons from charity events.

Hi everyone, Angus here Australia’s number one, Google ranked Dental Marketer. Now look. As you can probably tell I’m at a charity event this evening. It’s called Dancing with Our Stars, and I ain’t dancing. But you know, even for a charity event like this, there are business lessons. And here are two of them.

The first one is very simple, which is, you need to know your target audience like that event in there that I just showed you, which is a fundraising event for something called the Ballarat Foundation. I’m on the board of that. It’s 200 bucks a ticket. Now, that’s a reasonably high price, isn’t it? To go and let’s face it, have a bit of entertainment and dinner. I mean, maybe you think that’s cheap, but most people would think that’s a fair bit. But my point is, this event sold out ages ago because the target market said, that’s something I want. And it’s the same thing in your business, what are you going to do in your business to make your product very attractive for your target market?

The second part is for this charitable thing. And if you see behind me, there’s all the sponsor signs there. And indeed, over here is the I guess, the photo wall for the charity itself. Is that one there? Well, they’re about to use it. It’s like what’s your mission? What do you stand for? Because the Ballarat Foundation is very clear. I live outside of Ballarat, but it’s to help the local community to give money back to the community.
The question is, what is the mission of your business? Because if you can be very clear about what your target market is, and what your mission is, then things can go well

Catch you next time.

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