Call tracker hq Explained

CallTrackerHQ FAQs

Calls from potential new patients are like gold to a dental practice. Converting these inquiries into patients is one of the most important things a dental practice can do to grow their business.

Did you know … increasing the call conversion rate by just a few percent can have an enormous difference to the running of a dental practice. Over the course of a year, an optimised call conversion process could result in literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of extra business for the practice.

The reality is that most dental practices have no idea at what rate they are converting inquiries into patients. Even capturing 80% of this call conversion data is better than capturing 0%.

You can always go back and enter the result of a phone call after the event. But if the occasional call is not recorded, this is not the end of the world. CallTrackerHQ is about understanding the call trends across an extended period.

Adding the results of one call into CallTrackerHQ is very quick – around 5-10 seconds.