Change one word to change your future

Change one word to change your future.

Hi everyone, Angus Pryor here. Number one, Google ranked dental marketers in Australia. I’ve just been listening to a podcast and they said something very interesting. You know, the truth is many of us had times like these letterboxes that I’ve just shown you were trying to change a bit, aren’t we? I mean, you know, as the saying goes, grow or die in nature, like around me. Apparently, the, you know, a tree plant can only be two statuses. They’re either growing or they’re dying. And so the question that, you know, has come to me, as I’ve been thinking about what I heard on this podcast is the one word that we could change that could change our future.

Now, it was an interview with a guy called Donald Miller and he was interviewing a guy called Craig Groeschel. And he spoke about when we say to ourselves, I’m trying to do something, you know, like this tree here I’m trying to grow. And the problem is that what, what try does is it gives us a bit of a sort of a pass-fail thing doesn’t add, it’s like, I’m trying to do that. But it didn’t work, therefore, I failed, which is probably not helpful for us in trying to bring change.

And so the word that the interviewees suggested is instead of, I’m trying to do I’m in training, too. Now, that’s a very different mindset, isn’t it? It’s that tiny little change, but when I’m training to, well, you know, when you’re in training, you’re not going to achieve it, but you know, that you’re just making these teeny little incremental steps. So my question to you is very simple. What is the one thing that you’re trying to do? If you can just change your language around it from I’m trying to I’m training, then that increases your chances of success.

Catch you next time.

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