Could you walk for 12 hours without stopping?

Could you walk for 12 hours straight? 

Hi everyone! Angus Pryor here. Number one Google-ranked dental market in Australia and practice growth specialist. 

Now this is the second year of doing something known as the Misogi challenge. It’s a concept from Japan. And the idea is that something that you do that is so hard that it makes everything else in the years feel relatively easy. And what I’m doing I’m setting out on a 12-hour walk. I estimate and hope to be able to walk between 60 to 70 kilometers in 12 hours, and I won’t sit down during that time.  Now look, I live outside of town. I’m in country Victoria and I’m going to walk into town. And I’ll probably get some lights and things but I won’t sit down during that time. I’m going to walk as far as I can. The time now is twenty-two-seven in the morning, so I guess I’ll stop walking at twenty-two-seven tonight.

All right, so three hours in about a quarter of the way. So far I’ve done I think about 15 kilometers. I think I’m up to 18,000 steps. Where have I noticed everything so much slower, which means you get more time to appreciate things. Our local shopping center is about 10 minutes away from me. It’s taken me two hours to walk there. But I’ve seen a bunch of things I didn’t even know were there because I’m usually rushing by in the car. I applied one band-aid, and I’ve got a little blister, peering on my left heel and my left calf is a bit sore, but apart from that, I’m okay so, a quarter done, and another nine hours to go.

Okay, halfway there six hours. 35,000 steps and I guess about 35 kilometers you know, the body’s hurting but this challenge is meant to be hard, but I’m really pleased to be halfway there. It’s about 20 minutes away from getting some lunch. Would you walk six hours to get lunch? Oh, no. Looks like that’s what I’m doing today. All right, catch you.

All right, nine hours done 48,000 steps or I guess about 48 Ks, and only three hours to go. Look, I’ve developed a little bit of a limp. Interestingly, the heel and calf that was sore in the first hour are the main things that are sore now everything else is sort of hurting a bit but not too bad.  You may ask yourself like why would you even bother doing this? You know, why push yourself as hard and partly that is my personality. But secondly, the whole purpose of this Misogi challenge is you do something so hard, at the start of the year that everything else that the rest of the year feels easier, and later this year when I’m struggling with things now I don’t feel like doing that it’s too hard or too critical. You can say well, it’s got to be easier than doing a 12-hour 60 Kilometer plus walk, doesn’t it? See you at the end.

Well, there you have it, I’m done. After 12 hours, I left home at 6:38 am this morning. It’s now 6:38 pm As you saw, I have walked 66,000 steps, approximately 66 ks and it was pretty hard yakka. Now my goal this morning was to not sit down at all today and that’s what’s happened. I did not sit down once. I stood while I ate lunch, I stood while I put some band-aids on blisters on my feet. But apart from walking like Putin man for the last hour or so, it’s actually gone quite well.  Now, the purpose of this whole Misogi challenge is perhaps you do something so hard that it’s like 50/50, whether you’ll finish it or not. And I’m really pleased I did finish it. And you can just Google it. If you want to check this out for yourself. Even if you just do something that’s a bit harder.

The whole goal is that it’s something that you will look back on later in the year and go Well, if I could walk 66 kilometers for 12 hours, then this thing that I’m facing, I can probably do that to m-i-s-o-g-i you can google Misogi challenge.  As for me, I didn’t sit down I do work for 12 hours. I did work for 66ks. But now I’m going to sit down.

See you next time.

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