Do You Run In The Rain

Do You Run In The Rain?

This week on Winning In Life, Angus Pryor the Practice Growth Specialist will be sharing with you about doing things differently for your dental practice.

Do you run in the rain? Look, with my team yesterday, every week we do some personal development together and we were listening to a talk by a guy, I think his name is Joost Janssen. He’s a former Navy Seal and he was talking about the process. A Navy Seal in Australia, we would say like SAS. Basically the most elite military force that the country’s got.

And he was talking about the fact that if people shoot for average, that they’ve got to claw over everybody else and there’s lots of competition in that space but if they shoot for elite, in fact, not many people are going for that. And I thought it was quite an interesting thought, isn’t it? How do we apply that in our lives?

The other interesting thing that he said about that is that when you are shooting for elite, that if there are others at that level, they’re actually helping each other, rather than being in the average level where you’re sort of clawing over each other. Now, I’m not claiming to be elite but I am training for a marathon at the moment.

And so I went for a run and as you may be able to hear in the background, it’s raining today. And here’s a curious thing. I’ve been running about six days a week for the last few months and I run pretty much the same path each time and usually when I’m out in the morning, I see a number of people walking, a number of people running and there’s a lot of people out there exercising.

But today when it’s raining, guess how many other people were out there? And the answer is zero and to me, it just made me think of that comment by this Navy Seal that when you’re at an elite level, no one else is doing it. So my question to you is for you personally, and for you and your business, do you run in the rain metaphorically speaking?

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