Fish where the Fish are

Fish where the Fish are

Hi everyone, Angus Pryor here, Australia’s number one Google ranked dental marketer.

Now I am at the FDI conference in Sydney and if I would have sweep around like this. Now, this is a kind of quiet area on the second floor here. But the fact is, this would be a really good place to find a dentist, because surprise, surprise, it’s a conference for dentists. This is about fishing where the fish are. And the truth is for you at your practice, what you need to be doing is fishing with a fisher when it comes to looking for new patients. Now, I interviewed someone recently on my podcast, a very experienced marketer. And indeed, I’ve been doing it myself for about 10 years now. And fishing where the fish are in relation to getting new patients into your practice is very much a case of Google. Now, that news may not be a major revelation to you. But the question is, and this is the thing we discussed on the podcast, like, are you all over every bit of Google? Because if you do a Google search, there’s ads at the top. And then you might have the map and then there’s Google reviews and then there’s the so-called organic listings. And the truth is, they are four different systems in Google. But you know, sometimes people they think are, it’s like kind of saying, well, I’ve got my fishing rod in, you know, I just got it by the edge of the water here. But the other ponds are kind of cut off. It’s like having, it’s imagining Google having sort of four ponds, and you’ve just got your rod in one of them. So, for you to better grow your practice, you need to fish where the fish are, like me, I could, you know, if I said I need a dentist, I could find one very quickly in this room. You need to be fishing in Google, but you need to make sure that you’re covering all the four parts of Google because importantly, we need to fish where the fish are.

See you next time.

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