Word of mouth is moving online and if you’re not prominent there, you’re missing out.

More and more, we check Google reviews when we’re looking for somewhere to go for dinner, or somewhere to stay on a break.

But this trend of checking Google reviews is impacting dentistry too . . .

Increasingly, potential patients are using Google reviews to decide which dentist to go to. If you don’t have many reviews, (or worse, a poor average score) patients are ignoring you.

You could ask your patients to leave you Google reviews, but we know how that goes. Many promise to do so, but few actually do it.

Finally, a system that puts boosting Google reviews on autopilot.


Google Review Maximiser

Get 50 new Google reviews in the next 180 days. Guaranteed.


How does it work?

We email your clients after their visit to the practice and ask them how their experience was.

If their experience was good, we ask for a Google review.

Important: if their experience wasn’t good, we ask how we could do better (and you get the feedback) – we don’t ask for a Google review in that situation.

What do you have to do?

Not much. The minimum requirement is that you run a report in your system once a week and upload the file of patients seen to our software – this is a 3-minute job, and we provide training.

To get more reviews faster, we recommend (but don’t require) two simple additions:


Why is it important to boost your Google reviews now?

There are ‘offensive’ and ‘defensive’ benefits of boosting your Google review profile:

Aside from that, the offensive window is slowly closing.

When no one has any/many reviews, it’s easy to stand out if you have a lot. In a few years’ time when most practices will have lots of reviews, standing out becomes much harder.

Isn't there a risk of generating bad reviews?

Unlikely. As noted above, we only seek a Google review for patients who have already said they were happy with your service. If their initial feedback is negative, we do NOT ask for a review.

Is this AHPRA compliant?

In the first instance, all we are asking patients is for their feedback on their visit. There is no issue here. If they are happy with the visit, we offer for them to leave a Google review.

AHPRA’s policy states “… health care professionals are not responsible for removing, or seeking to have removed, unsolicited reviews on websites they do not control.” Since you don’t control Google, we can rest easy.

What happens if we don’t get the extra 50 Google reviews in 180 days?

As long as you have uploaded the report to the system each week, we stand by our guarantee. In the unlikely event we don’t achieve 50 extra Google reviews in 180 days, we work for you for FREE until we get there.

Is this real? Does it actually work?

Yes and yes, but to give you a little more peace of mind, this might help . . .

Dental Marketing Solutions (DMS) is the marketing agency of multi-award-winning dental marketer and Practice Growth Specialist, Angus Pryor.

In 2020, we were awarded the prestigious Australian Dental Industry Association marketing award, and are the no.1 Google-ranked dental marketers in Australia.

Our “if it doesn’t work, you don’t pay” guarantee for this product, and other products we offer, reflects our view that ultimately, only results count.  

This means you can confidently try us out knowing either you’ll get a result or you’ll pay nothing.

We can be found here

What’s been the feedback from dentists using this system?

50 Google reviews in 180 days is actually conservative. 

Many practices we’ve worked with have experienced well over 50 extra reviews in 180 days – especially those that upload the data daily and tell patients to expect an email.

There has been one other clear benefit from the system. It allows you to know very quickly if a patient has had a negative experience with your practice.

You can use this feedback to:

(i) contact the patient and resolve the situation before they tell others and/or leave a negative review online, and

(ii) identify unhelpful patterns among staff or problems with practice systems.

What’s my investment?

It’s all pretty simple:

 You can cancel at any time and there is no lock-in contract.  You need to complete 180 days, however, if you wish to exercise the ‘work for free’ guarantee.

How do I start?

Complete your details below and we’ll be in touch soon.