How are your business foundations?

How are your business foundations?

Hi everyone. Angus Pryor here. Australia’s number one Google-ranked Dental marketer.

Can you see that? That’s a crane in the background here, I’m gonna move into the shade because it’s a little bit bright, and also a bit windy. Now I’ve chatted to someone I know. And they reckon that that crane is about 50 meters tall. So it’s gone behind a tree here. It’s quite a windy day, I just want you to think about something if that thing is 50 meters tall. What do I immediately think of when it’s a windy day I go, what are the foundations like because the forces on that 50-meter crane on a windy day are huge? And the truth is, that’s quite a good analogy for how it works for business.

You know, in business, the bigger you get, the more moving parts you have sort of as it were, the higher the crane goes. But what you do need is a really solid foundation. And what that means is team members for each of the parts to get that foundation working well. But most importantly, backup for when the winds come because if we were judged on our business, only when we’re fully stopped well, many of us would have great businesses, wouldn’t we? but the truth is, quite often, the bigger you get, it’s inevitable that there are going to be team members that are away, they get sick, they move on whatever. And it’s that backup that’s so critical.

A mentor of mine, a guy called Tay Lopez talks about belts and braces, which is we need to be building in backup systems. You know the braces, like if the braces fail where you got the belt to fix it up and it’s the same sort of concept in business.

So my question to you is very simple. How are your backup systems? How are your foundations? because otherwise, your big crane the taller it gets the risk is that it can fall over.

Catch you next time.

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