How fast are you?

How fast are you?

Hi everyone, Angus Pryor here. Australia’s number one Google ranked dental marketer. Now, I’ve just made myself a coffee, I really do like coffee. And as I’ve been making it, I’ve been thinking about the speed of which we do things. You know, some very experienced dentists that I work with, they tell me that the more experienced they are, the faster they are. And that’s one of the key reasons why their production goes up so dramatically, they’re able to produce practically twice as much or even more than the, you know, less experienced, because they figured out how to do things. When I make my coffee, it’s a cold day here. And so, the first thing I do is put the cup in the microwave but during that 30 seconds, you know, then I’ll get the coffee in here and compact it and get it ready. And then and I figured out that I’ve done this so many times that I do things these steps in a certain order because it produces the fastest outcome. If I was mucking around with all these things before I put the cup in the microwave, then I’ve got to sit there and wait for 30 seconds until it’s ready, assuming it’s a cold day.

A friend of mine in the US he is a dentist and he actually got out his stopwatch and he would use that and time various parts of all his procedures, because he figured out that if he did that, he could work out which was the optimum way to do things. Because at the end of the day, faster procedures, assuming it’s comfortable for the patient means higher production and better outcomes for everyone. You know, even in my business, our process for building a website now has about 40 Something steps and we figured out the precise order to do things to get the website built with high quality as fast as possible. And that’s exactly what it’s like in dentistry. So, my question for you is very simple, how fast are you?

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