How Little Things Can Matter A Lot

How Little Things Can Matter A Lot

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor the Practice Growth Specialist will be sharing with you how little things can matter a lot in your business.

Today I’m going to, something a bit different. The truth is I’m on holidays at the moment, and I wanted to show you something in the background here. It’s a coffee machine. Now for some of you, you will look at that and you go, “Well, that’s the coffee machine there.” You go, “Well, that’s child’s play.” And for others of you go, you look at it like I did, you know a few months ago and go, “I have no idea how it works, and getting it right is difficult.”

The truth is that I’m away, I’ve got my daughter here who’s very good at these sort of thing. And I’ve been making coffee for myself and it’s been kind of okay. And I only started drinking coffee last year. Like, for 50 plus years I didn’t like it at all. But I was making coffee and it was kind of close, but not quite right. And I think in business, sometimes we can be like that where just by making some very subtle changes we can go from having, metaphorically, I mean, even if it’s not a coffee, you can say having a good experience to a bad experience.

So I’ve just been reading this book called “Becoming Remarkable” by Fred Joyal. And he raises something very interesting. Which is, that of course, value for people as well about perception. And that’s pretty well known. But he says here, he’s tried to put a monetary value on small things and the value of getting them right.

For example, they listened to me, that adds $57 and 75 cents to the bill, not literally, but in terms of patient value definitely. Friendliness $27. Didn’t say goodbye, minus $72. My point is that those little things really matter.

Like, my daughter taught me two things I needed to do on this coffee machine. One was I had to slightly adjust one of the filters and there was some way I was doing the milk that wasn’t right. And those two little changes took my coffee from a sort of, a seven out of 10 into a nine out of 10.

And so it can be with you and your business. Like, Fred Joyal says just those little changes, to be a little bit more friendly, to use people’s names, whatever it is. And so my question to you for Winning in Business this week is, what are the little changes you can make in your business? Like with me and my coffee, to take the experience from a patient’s point of view from a seven out of 10, which is kind of good, but not great to like I can nine, nine and a half out of 10, where they go, “Wow, that was amazing.” And they want to tell their friends.

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