Just do the thing!

Just do the thing.

Hi everyone, Angus Pryor here, multi award winning practice growth specialist.

You know recently on my podcast, which is practice growth HQ, I interviewed a lady called Tarra Stubbins and Tarra had worked with the Rolling Stones. She had worked with Lady Gaga, she had worked with a lot of celebrities. And then eventually she found the whole business was a bit kind of superficial. So, she got out and became a business coach. And she was talking about the importance of just do the thing. The truth is, you know, Nike owns just do it. So, she decided, well, let’s come up with just do the thing. And the point that she made was, that in many cases, we know what we need to do, but we just need to go and do it. You know, I’ve got an exercise bike there. There’s some guitar there, there’s some weights there and it’s not as though we go Wow, I wonder how to become good at guitar like duh like just, you know, get some lessons go practice, I want to be fitter. I want to be healthier, jump on your exercise bike, go for a walk, I want to be, you know, stronger, lift some weight, we know it. So, I was inspired by that. And the result is I got myself a t-shirt, just do the thing.

Now the truth is, and I find this extraordinary, this t-shirt I ordered yesterday on my phone off Vistaprint. And today and I live in regional Victoria, this t-shirt turns up at my house. So that was through Vistaprint. I literally ordered it yesterday morning. That was that’s the slogan, I asked them that they weren’t preprinted. They managed to print that, mail it to me and get it to me the next day, which is extraordinary, which just goes to show the benefit of taking action, but also the benefit of repeatedly doing what it is that you need to be doing. So, my question is very simple. What is the thing that you need to be doing to get you to where you want to. Just do the thing. See you next time.

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