One step at a time – how to do a 24-hour marathon

One step at a time. How to do a 24-hour marathon.

Hi everyone, Angus Pryor here, multi award winning practice growth specialist. Now I am about to start on this lovely summer day, it’s raining outside, a marathon and I’m going to do a running marathon over the next 24 hours, it’s inspired by a guy called David Goggins, ‘Can’t Hurt Me’, multi best-selling book, and a Japanese concept called Misogi. And the idea is you do something so hard once in the year, that everything else feels easier thereafter. And so for me 3.52 kilometres every two hours. So, this becomes a challenge twofold. One, just the distance, I’ve got to run a marathon in 24 hours, but two constantly having when you would be sleeping, getting that broken up, and then forcing you to run. We’ll see how I go. I’ll check in with you as we go through. All right, that’s the first leg down. 3.52 K’s did under 20 minutes, feet are a little bit wet, but otherwise feeling okay. That’s two done only ten to go. Leg number three done, I’ve done 10 and a half Ks. And it’s been under an hour’s running time. I’m feeling fine when I’m running, but I’ve been a bit tired in between, we’ll see how we go. So, fourth leg done. That’s the good news. The bad news is my knees have started to play up. So that one was a bit of a run and walk. 14 K’s in that’s four legs done eight legs to go. Segment five done, unfortunately, mainly walking with a little bit of running. And as you can see, it’s getting dark. So, the next one’s kind of interesting. It’s 12:30. About 25 K’s done. Segment seven, haven’t had any sleep yet. I think it’s time to get some now. 28 K’s done. And about an eight sections, four sections to go. It’s 2:30 I have had some sleep. I’m gonna try and get some more. So, this is what downtown Ballarat looks like in the middle of the night. It’s about 10 past 4am. And as you can probably see no one around. And this is the number one road through town. Unfortunately, my right knee has got a lot worse and I’m not able to run really at all. But walking still okay, my left ankle’s getting a bit sore. But by the time I get back from this one, I’ll be three quarters done. The hardest part so far actually has been to do with sleep. It’s really hard to wind down after exercising for half an hour. And I’m finding that I’m going to sleep about half an hour before I’ve got to get up next time. But I’ve had some sleep each time. So, keep at it.

All right, day two, I suppose the morning of day two of my marathon in 24 hours challenge. And there’s been some developments overnight. It’s, you know, it’s a marathon divided into 12 segments. And essentially after the first three segments which I ran the whole way, I started to develop some pain in my knees, particularly my right knee. And so, for the next six segments, I sort of walked some and ran some that first nine segments would have been about 5050 walking running. By the end of the night segment, my right knee was really in a lot of pain. And I took a break to get ready for the 10th segment which was about an hour and a half before the next one started and the upshot of all that it was just too painful to do it. Now I could have pushed on and possibly, but I did something similar last year, pushed through and I ended up injuring that knee and wasn’t able to run for six months. And I was like Yeah, not really prepared to do that on this occasion. So, look, the very nature of it is that it’s meant to be 5050 whether you make it or not I’ve done three of these. And I’ve achieved the first two and on this one I’m afraid I didn’t achieve it, but you know there’s something to be said in the doing. Alright, see ya.


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