Our Services

We offer a wide range of dental marketing services
to help boost business at your dental practice. These include:

Pay per click (PPC) advertising

It’s not difficult to create a PPC ad. The real skill, however, is in the systematic optimisation of your ads so that only the most relevant ads are being shown to your best prospective clients. Anything else is just costing you money. Our PPC expert has been certified seven times by Google, Bing and Youtube.

ppc advertising
Dental Website design and Hosting

Website design and hosting

Building a high-performing website is harder than it sounds. Despite what you might think, the real purpose of your website is just one thing: to make your phone ring with new patients. If it’s not doing that, it might as well be gathering (virtual) dust.

Many dental websites get points for being pretty (easy to achieve with templates) but fail to achieve their fundamental purpose. With our web design team, you get the benefit of beautiful design, with compelling sales copy that converts browsers into patients.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If PPC is the hare, SEO is the tortoise, except in this race, both can win. Our SEO team slowly and steadily builds the profile of your website over a number of months to boost your rankings in ‘organic’ (unpaid) search engine results.

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social media marketing for dentists

Social media marketing and client engagement

Social media provides a two-fold opportunity to both attract new clients and engage your existing clients. However, with so many possible social media options out there, it can be quite overwhelming for dentist practices. Which ones do you use to get the best return without wasting your time? We help you fish where the fish are to get the best return on your efforts.

Printed material design

To supplement your marketing activities, we offer design services for a whole range of print-ready materials including:

design services
logo design in Australia

Logo Design

An important way to help you standout from your competition is with a logo. Logos range from arty and creative to simple and elegant. Whatever the case, a logo speaks to your audience about your business. The only question is, what message is your existing logo sending?

Market research

Your marketing activities can be flying blind if you don’t really understand what’s going on with your current, former or prospective clients. Market research fills in the gap. We have a range of techniques to help you get what you want.


market research Australia
Data Analysis Australia

Database analysis and reporting

Before you start your marketing, it’s really helpful to know the demographic makeup of your clients. What’s the most common age, gender, location, and spending pattern. Our data analysis unlocks this information so you go in eyes wide open.

Friendly advice

In business, it’s amazing how many unexpected situations can come up. If you work with us, you’ll get the benefit of our friendly advice on the range of marketing questions that affect the performance of your business.

Dental Friendly Advice
Brian Chen Dental Consultation


Case Study
30% Growth in 12 months

Brian Chen has been practising dentistry since 2010, after joining a 6 year old practice. In 2018, Dr Chen had the opportunity to buy a practice in Jannali, NSW.

Like every dentist, Dr Chen was concerned with how many new patients he was getting each month. “Everyone always wnats more new patients” Dr Chen proclaimed. But what wasn’t clear, was how.

“The problem is that we didn’t have enough patients and the books would be quite gappy. This was putting strain on the practise. Obviously it’s a job and you’ve got to be patient. But we simply needed to see more patients. It was making me feel anxious and frustrated.”