The change to your insurance, that you cannot ignore…

Angus Pryor  00:01

Hi everyone, Angus here I am joined by Rick from Experian, and we are at ADX. Malcolm Melbourne. Welcome, Rick.  Now look, Rick and I were chatting. And we thought in this short video, we wanted to talk to you about a change in your insurance that dentists cannot ignore. Rick, there’s been a big change in one type of insurance in the last year, what is it?

Rick 00:24

It’s been a big change in the income protection policies nationwide. So there’s been a big increase in the premiums, but there’s also been a complete change from that threat with the actual definitions within income protection.

Angus Pryor  00:37

And what’s the practical implication for the dentist watching this?

Rick 00:42

Review is the word so you know, the best thing that any of us can do if we put income protection, is to get that policy reviewed. Work through it, make sure it’s still appropriate, and make sure that it still meets the needs and objectives. So that’s the best thing you can do with the money.

Angus Pryor  01:00

Okay, because the bottom line is if your policy has changed.

Rick 01:04

Yep. The new policies have changed, but the old ones are still the same. Okay, the new ones are a lot different to the old ones.

Angus Pryor  01:11

Well, let’s face income protection. I mean, you just never know what’s going to happen. And you want to be able to protect your income and support your family if something goes bad, but there’s been some big changes and as Rick said, go and see your advisor. Yeah, because there’s been big changes and you need to find out what that means for you. Any final parting words, Rick?

Rick  01:30

No, I just think that yeah, make sure that you get yourself protected and, and it’s always a good thing to review.

Angus Pryor  01:37

Good, man. See you, everyone.

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