The next wave for forward-thinking business…

Hi guys, it’s Angus here, check this out you can see into one of these offices. I am here in the Philippines at a particular facility called WorkPod. Going to take you into the reception area. I’ve got a nice little cafeteria here. Not bad eh? And then I thought we’d go and sit we have a medical clinic and a room that I have never ever been into before. Yeah, lactation room.

Now look, the trend is a wave that forward-thinking Australian employers are embracing this facility. And there are I’ve been to there are multiple facilities, there would be literally hundreds of people working here, working for Australian businesses. And to give you an idea, these employees are not sort of unskilled hooligans, these are people with university degrees. And the employers that are represented here. It’s an extraordinary range, you know, from sort of town planners, real estate agents, doctors, and even dentists. And these are people who recognize that there’s one part of their business that if I could find a way to get that outsourced, two things would happen.

The first thing is that that particular function would be done really well. And really consistently, when often it can be a struggle to get that focus in a practice. That’s the first thing. And here’s the second part, in many cases being completed at about 40% of the price. So it’s drastically cheaper to do it. And there’s a great result. And importantly, what it means for the workers in Australia is that they get to spend their time doing higher quality work because the lower stuff can be outsourced here at a fraction of the rate. I just want you to think about this for a second.

I mean, I’ve got something here that to remote control. You know, 10 years ago, I said the idea of something being manufactured in China would have been kind of a big deal. Whereas I’d say these days, it’s like really, you’re not manufacturing in China. I mean, consider the following like, Apple is manufactured in China, Mercedes Benz is manufactured in China, but there are huge brands there. And I see this kind of outsourced work as the same kind of thing, the next wave.

So my question is very simple. Are you ready for the next wave?

If you are wanting to set up a call, we’ve got something starting here in dental and I’d love to connect with you see you later.

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