The one question dentists never ask (but should)

The one question survey that’s a game changer.

Hi, everyone, Angus Pryor here, multi award winning practice growth specialist. You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about the first message that we need to deliver to clients to make them really engaged with whatever it was that we want to get them to engage with, you know, for your practice, how do we get them to go? Wow, these guys have got me. Now look, part of that has to do, frankly, with understanding who your ideal patient is. But putting that aside for a second, because that really is the first step, there’s a one question survey that you can be adding to your new patient form, which is a real game changer in this space.

Now, here’s the question, what was going on in your life that led you to reach out to us? It’s a simple question, what was going on in your life that led you to reach out to us. But if you can understand that, then that’s the problem. That’s the thing that triggered them to go right. I need to contact you guys. And if you know what that message is, and you can get that over and over from new patients, you’ll get a bit of an aggregate effect, then you can speak to that directly with what’s on your website, what’s in your social media, etc, etc. It’s a really simple question. Most healthcare practices don’t ask that question. And that and therefore they are sort of shooting blind what is the problem we’re trying to fix? I saw a website recently it was like something about people’s you know, oral health care and I was like, that’s not the number one problem that people are coming for. So, ask that question. Adjust your marketing, it could be a real game changer. If you’d like some help with marketing your practice. Why don’t you get in touch? Click the link below. See you next time.

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