The Stat You Can’t Ignore if You Want to Grow

The stat you can’t ignore if you want to grow.

Hi everyone, Angus Pryor here, Australia’s number one Google ranked dental marketer.

Now behind me is a tree. It’s an oak tree and it was planted probably in the last year or two. But if I switch around, that’s an oak tree to you know, as the saying goes from little things big things grow. Now, if you’re if you have the same sort of aspirations to turn that, that’s a bit hard to do to turn that size into this size, then there’s one step that you cannot ignore in dentistry. Here’s the reality in Australia. Like in the last hour, one dentist has started practicing for the first time that statistically what’s happening in Australia every hour, or they’re about how about this today in Australia, one dentist is hung up their drill for the last time, three new dentists have started practicing for the first time and one new practice has opened every single day. And if you want to turn that, that into that, then you cannot afford to ignore that data. In this case, the trend is not your friend. Instead, what you’ve got to do is get serious about the business part of your practice. It’s not just about doing great dentistry, not just about improving your clinical skills, but really understanding what drives the growth of your business and in particular your marketing because you need a lot of new patients to grow the practice. You need excellent retention to grow the practice and of course, you need good clinical skills as well. I’m running a webinar. Check out the details below. It’s a free webinar where I’m going to explain how to deal with more competition and 10 things you can do to get your fair share with the patients. So, you can go from that. To that.

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