Today Is A Great Day, And Here's Why

Today Is A Great Day, And Here’s Why

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor the Practice Growth Specialist will be sharing with you why today is a great day.

Today is a great day, and here’s why. Now, today is a great day, and I want to tell you why, and then I’m going to give you the business lesson. Now, the fact of the matter is in about May, June, kind of after the first COVID kind of situation in Australia, I made a tough decision, which is to end a partnership with another firm.

There were some things that I just thought it was better that we sort of separated ways. And I had to make a pretty tough decision in relation to staffing. And so what happened was that I ended up a number of people in my team went part-time so that I wasn’t having to sack people, which is certainly something, no one wants to be sacking people.

The reason today is a great day is because I’ve been able to announce to those team members that they’re going back full-time from the first of the month, which is next week. So that’s fantastic. But the message here, of course, is really about celebrating your wins. One of the things in business and particularly for me, I’m a very future-focused person, always thinking about the future, but at times we’ve got to stop and smell the roses and go, “Today’s a great day. Here’s a win that we had.”

So my question to you is how are you celebrating the wins in your business? ‘Cause believe me, we need that injection of those wins and to remind ourself about that positivity to keep us going through the tough times.

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