When it’s time to brag

Angus Pryor, the Practice Growth Specialist and Australia’s #1 Google-ranked dental marketer will share the best way to brag!

When it’s time to brag.

Hi everyone, Angus here Australia’s number one, Google ranked Dental Marketer.
That sign there has my surname on it. And you might say, “Woohooo! Aren’t we awesome?” And in business at times, there is a time to brag there is a time to say how good you are because people do want to know that you’re good at doing what you need to do. But there’s also a time not to.

My team and I are reading a book at the moment by Donald Miller called How to Grow Your Small Business? And one of the things he says is, it’s okay, to brag, it’s okay to talk yourself up, but only to the extent that that impacts the service that you’re going to deliver to your clients.
So for me and my business to say, “Hey, we were on Pryor’s road”, you know, aren’t we great? That’s not the right time to brag, because how does that help my users? How does it help the clients that we deal with? The answer is it doesn’t.

On the other hand, if you can say, in my company that we’re partnered with Google, oh, that okay, well, you know, maybe there’s a connection there between what our partnership status is, and what we would do for you.

And my question is very simple. Like, what are the things that you can brag about and should brag about to give potential patients confidence about dealing with you, and what are those things that you shouldn’t brag about?

See you next time.

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