7 Ways To Fill The White Space In Your Books FAST

Winning In Business: 7 Ways To Fill The White Space In Your Books FAST

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you 7 ways to fill the white space in your books FAST.

Seven ways to fill the white space in your books fast. Now look, I’ve just finished reading a book by a lady called Heidi mounts out of she’s in Hawaii. And it’s called hidden treasures, finding the missing revenue in your dental practice, we’d all like that, wouldn’t you? Now the fact is, I’ve known Heidi is one of my kind of online friends, don’t you think it’s kind of funny that we have that these days, but somewhat I’ve never actually met in the flesh. But we’ve communicated through social media and other ways for some time now.

And the exciting news is that I’m actually interviewing Heidi, I’ve got that already booked in. I’m actually launching a podcast later this year. And I’m going to be interviewing her about her book on the podcast. And I’ll let you know when that comes out. But for the moment, wouldn’t you like to know, seven ways to fill the white space in your books fast because in dentistry, white space in your books is a bit like a plane taking off with empty seats.

I mean, if there’s no one sitting in those seats, that is time that’s gone that you don’t get back. So I’m going to give you the seven ways that Heidi is mentioned and even before I give you this list, I want you to be thinking, What’s one thing of the seven? What’s one thing that I can do you know, today, what’s one thing that I can do today, to feel some white space in our books. All right, here we go. Thank you, Heidi.

Have an ASAP or short call list at all times, run the report and offer an appointment. And in fact, that’s something you can tag in your IT system, you could create a tag for it or something which you can do searchable. And you know, let’s say someone’s super busy or whatever, for whatever reason they’re looking for an appointment at short notice, then you can tag them and then run a report.

Look for emergency patients that need to be seen. Again, you might be aware of that I’m not quite sure exactly how that would come to your attention, but have a way that you can identify them.

Number three, check for completed lab cases to deliver. So that’s a good one. Anytime a lab comes through, and you get back a crown on whatever it is that you’re getting my then you know, call them up and fill that whitespace.

Number four, send a mass text out and let patients know you’ve got two dates and times that you have available. And that scarcity is really important. You don’t want to say, hey, we’ve got weeks and weeks where you can book in No, no, no, we’ve got next Tuesday at 3pm. And we’ve got the following Thursday at 12. And if you if you’re very specific like that, just letting everyone know we’ve got two holes, you know, who’d like to get in quickly and that scarcity will cause people to act.

Number five, look for overdue family members that can come with your scheduled patients. That’s a great idea. If you’re treating more than one member of the same family, you go, Hey, I can see Jimmy’s coming in and Jimmy’s brother Johnny, we could say hey, by the way, we noticed that Johnny’s overdue, would you like the two of them to come in together?

Number six, run your unscheduled patient list and reactivate your patients who haven’t completed treatment. And it’s fair to say from previous videos I’ve made on this topic that every single dental practice that I’ve ever dealt with, has gotten literally hundreds of 1000s of dollars worth of uncompleted treatment plans.

And then number seven, take time to use the intraoral camera. And it’s fair to say that Heidi is a big proponent of that. And again, I made a video about that previously. And use it on existing patients who are already in your schedule and watch the results you get. So there are seven things you can do.

My question to you is what one thing you can do right now, now a little gift for you. I’ve got a video that has the top five mistakes that Australian dentists make trying to attract high-quality patients. And if you visit AngusPryor.com/HQ, that would be my free gift to you.

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