Adapt Or Die

Winning In Business: Adapt Or Die!

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you about adapting or dying in your business especially in the midst of massive changes.

Adapt or die! Now in the background, there are some horses and I wanted to talk to you today about adapting. The reason I mentioned horses is that I’m pretty sure in relative terms, the behaviour of a horse hasn’t changed that much over centuries. I mean, one thing’s for sure they’re quite enjoying eating some grass there, aren’t they?

But the one thing that apparently sets humans apart from other species is our ability to adapt. And of course, we’ve been in the midst of massive changes. And the question is, what are we gonna do about it? How are we going to adapt? And in dentistry, that’s not easy, but I just want to give you some examples. This to me is I’m dealing with a business I’m paying money to a business now, that simply could not have existed previously.

But consider this from talk about niching to the nth degree, and then we’re going to talk about dentistry. So this is a business, I was on a Facebook group, they had a webinar and I, I signed up for a free webinar. It’s for runners, okay, and I am a runner, so that’s tick. That’s a little bit of a niche, over 50, I am over 50. And now it’s hard to believe with a face this young.

And so it’s a group of runners over 50. Because apparently what happens is once you get past 50, your body changes but get this. What I get from this group, is by zoom meetings, we do exercise classes via zoom from South Africa. I mean, Australia, like this is 1000s of kilometres away.

So it’s super niche, it’s a business that wouldn’t have been possible, you’d have struggled to do this face to face in the past. I mean, you could have maybe got a group of runners together to get a group of runners over 50 together, that’s a bit harder, and then to be able to have them but the fact is, we’ve got people joining in this group from all over the world.

And the question for you is I don’t necessarily have any answers. But if the thing that sets humans apart is our ability to adapt, then we’ve got to grow and adapt or we’re going to die. And my question is, how can you adapt dentistry? It seems impossible. You know, when you have to, you know, historically the model has all been seeing people face to face and sitting in a dental chair. But how do you adapt? Otherwise, over time we die.

Now a free gift for you. I know from you watching this that many dentists I speak to they’re interested in attracting not just more patients, but high-quality patients. And so if you visit, then there’s a free video series they’re training on the top five mistakes that Aussie dentists make in attracting high-quality patients.

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