Does Your Practice Have An Elevator Pitch

Winning In Business: Does Your Practice Have An “Elevator Pitch”?

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor the practice growth specialist and #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you why it is important to have an elevator pitch and how you can create one for your practice, a simple 3-step framework.

Does your practice have an “elevator pitch”? You know, I was reading something recently, which said about your practice having an elevator pitch. And I thought, I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard of dental practice as having an elevator pitch. So wanted to tell you why it’s important and how you could produce one. The reality is every member of your team is effectively a walking billboard for your practice.

Now, hopefully, that billboard is giving positive messages and not negative, but the reality is, I mean, think about it. If you’ve got 10 members in your team, how often do you reckon they get asked what they do? And if they say, Well, I just work at a dental practice, then I’d say that’s a missed opportunity. Having the whole team know a simple elevator pitch can really help. So here’s how you do a good elevator pitch.

One, you need to say what it is that you do, two, you need to say who it’s for and thirdly, you need to say what this means for patient for example, you can say, I work at we’re a full service dental practice, or I work at a family dental practice or paediatric, or whatever the case may be.

The second part is Who is it for, I work at a full service dental practice, and particularly for patients who are dot dot dot, and that might be to do with, they are a older or maybe they’ve got a particular you know, cosmetic interest, or whatever the case might be.

And then the third part, and this is the part that practices need to really think about is, and what this means for our patients is or our patients enjoy, that’s probably the easiest way to say it. So, you know, I work at a family dental practice. it’s for people of all ages, particularly kids, we love kids that our practice, and what our patients tell us they enjoy is that it doesn’t feel like a regular dental practice, there’s lots of toys for the kids, etc.

So it’s what do you do? Who is it for? And what’s the benefit for your patience? And what I recommend you do is you work out what that is for the team, and then get everybody to practice. So they can say that as you can see, with a little bit of practice, you can say your elevator pitch in about 15 seconds. It doesn’t take long, but the reality is every member of your team is a potential walking billboard for your practice. So let’s take advantage.

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