How About An Ethical Bribe

Winning In Business: How About An Ethical Bribe?

This week, Angus Pryor Number one Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia and Practice Growth Specialist will be sharing with you an ethical bribe that will be worth your while.

How about an ethical bribe? Look, recently, something’s came out, which is our Dental Edge Magazine. And I thought, what about an ethical bribe to get people to check out something that we’ve had lots of great feedback on it. Now look, let me tell you about the product first, and then I’m going to tell you what the ethical bribe is, it’ll be worth your while to hang on for this one.

So Dental Edge Magazine, it’s a digital magazine keeping you at the cutting edge of dentistry. And the magazine comes out every two months, we’ve just had our fourth episode come out. Every magazine is 50/50, clinical and non clinical. We’ve got experts from around the world, with articles on a range of topics that are super relevant to people, there’s always a cover story. You’ll see there’s practically no advertising at all, there’s one ad or one freebie each month and each two months. And that’s it.

And as I say the feedback, we’ve had been really positive, we’ve had people riding on ortho, on perio, on IV sedation, on endo, people writing about practice management, about marketing, about social media, a whole range of stuff. And by the way, there’s a fun page and some quizzes and bits and pieces.

So anyway, I just occurred to me, I’d really like more and more people to get hold of this because their subscription is completely free at the moment. So this the way that it works. If you subscribe, I’m recording this. Well, it doesn’t really matter when I’m recording. This does it.

If you subscribe by the end of June, then I would like to give you an ethical bribe, I’ve got four of these scratchies you could win $10,000 apparently, four chances of that I’ve got a copy of my number one Amazon best selling book there. That’s actually we’ve got a new version. And I’ve got one of our priceless phone accessories which I’m using on this phone that I’m doing that.

So for four people, I will send you in the post a copy of my book, a $1 scratchie where you could win 10,000 and the phone accessory and all you need to do is head to and subscribe. We don’t spam you or anything. The only stuff you’ll get from us with that subscription is every two months a copy of this, you know Dental Edge Magazine to keep you at the cutting edge of dentistry. That’s my ethical bribe. hope it works for you. There’s no strings attached. But I do want you to get the great value from the speakers and writers that we’ve had as part of the magazine. Otherwise catch you next time.

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