Winning In Business : How To Better Connect With Future Patients

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor Number one Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia and Practice Growth Specialist will be sharing with you about the link between love and business.

How to better connect with your future patients. Now I’m here at Sydney Uni, doing a course and I’ve just heard from a guy called Mark McCrindle, from McCrindle research. And in Australia, this guy’s kind of a big deal. He’s used by governments, by universities, by big corporations to understand kind of what’s over the horizon. What are the trends that are happening? And there’s one thing that he said that really stuck with me, that would be of relevance for my clients, which are dentists.

Now, this is the piece of research. So for 20 year olds, your future clients, these are the people that are the future of your business, not right now. But in the future. They said they are now as a search engine that for the 20 year olds, the number one search engine is not Google, it’s YouTube. In other words, your average 20 year old would much rather watch a video about what they need to find out then actually read something.

And so for you as a dentist, this is an incredible opportunity. Now the truth is, I’ve been talking about this for quite a while. I mean, here’s some research for you. 80% of all content that’s consumed online is now video. That’s reason number one. Reason number two, most dentists are not doing video, which means it’s a great form of competitive advantage. And reason number three, we’ve just heard that data for your future, these are the future, you know, crowns and implants and cosmetic surgery, etc, etc.

Those 20 year olds are spending more time watching videos than they are on Google. So if ever there was compelling evidence for that I would say this is that. And you’re thinking, Angus I don’t wanna make videos, well find someone on the team who does, just start simple. It’s, you know, you don’t it doesn’t need to be perfect, but you’re better to be in that space imperfectly then to produce something amazing and but wait to produce that and never actually do it. So that’s my tip for you.

How to better connect with your future patients. Get yourself on video. To borrow a line from Tai Lopez, teach tailor and take control, teach about something tailor, if your situation is A do that, if your situation is B, do that and then take control, have a call to action at the end. Would you like to find out which one applies to you? You know, give us a call on this number, 1300 513 657.

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