I Got A Collagen Treatment In Vegas

Winning In Business: I Got A Collagen Treatment In Vegas!

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor the practice growth specialist and #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you the one thing your business needs to do to attract more patients into your practice.

I got a collagen treatment in Vegas. Now I’m coming to you from Las Vegas at the MGM Grand if you can see that’s kind of Vegas in the background there. And you might be thinking, Angus, have you gone mad? Like, why did you get a collagen treatment? And why are you even telling us about this, but I want to make an analogy between the process that I went through and the process that your patients will go through, and they choose your practice.

Now, I’ve been at a conference for a number of days. And it just so happened that between where the conference was, and where Starbucks was, was this beauty therapy place. And so I will pass there. And what happened is I ended up walking past that place a number of times. And as a result of that, someone said, why don’t you come in?

Now, I thought it was a hairdresser. I didn’t actually know what it was. But I ended up sitting down and they put some kind of white, I don’t know, like a lotion or cream, and then showed me how terrible my skin was. And I didn’t end up buying anything. I didn’t even really know why I was there.

But the reality is that, that for you to be attracting more patients to your practice, the process is kind of similar, which is people need multiple touchpoints, to go from that through through that journey of know, like and trust, which is they don’t know you at all. And I didn’t know that business at all. But as I’m interacting with them more seeing the signage, interacting with a person I’m starting to, you know, like in the sense that I trusted them, ultimately enough to walk inside the business.

And that’s harder to get people to do that than you might think. My message here is very simple. You need multiple touchpoints, from people possibly in different media, for them to trust you enough to pick up the phone and do business with you. And so in your marketing, it’s not one thing. It will be a combination of your online presence, your website, your reviews, how the phone is answered, what the signage is that you practice, you know, the interactions with your staff, et cetera, et cetera.

So as for me, I put this lotion on and told me how terrible I looked more or less. And I didn’t buy anything at all, but nevertheless, it is not one thing is that multiple step process.

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