I Put Shaving Cream In My Hair

Winning In Business : I Put Shaving Cream In My Hair

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor Number one Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia and Practice Growth Specialist will be sharing with you about being clear on where you want to get to for your dental practice.

Now the truth is this morning, I put shaving cream in my head. And my suggestion to you is, you better stay tuned to this channel to see whether that actually has a negative impact on my hair. But the first question, of course, is why did I do that? And the second question is, well, what’s that got to do with you? So the truth is, I did do that.

And it’s because I was distracted, I was in the shower this morning, I actually already had shampoo in my hair, I put some shaving cream and my hands went bang straight onto my hair. I was like, not good. I don’t know whether there’ll be any negative impact. Time will tell. But the reality is, that situation is a bit of a metaphor for what I see happening with dental practice, where they, you know, something new comes along, some sort of distraction comes along, and they sort of metaphorically put shaving cream in their hair, they do something that’s unhelpful, that’s actually not helping them in the direction they want to go.

Because they’re not clear on what it is that they want, where they want to get to. And I was watching a video with my team this morning. And the guy raised a very interesting question. He said, What do you want to be known for? And it’s a good question for us in business, isn’t it? What do we want our practice to be known for? What’s our mission? What’s our purpose, and what are our values. Because then, when a new opportunity comes on, and there’s nothing wrong with innovation, in fact, that’s one of the values of my company is innovation.

But when that new thing comes along, we don’t find ourselves metaphorically putting shaving cream in our hair, because it’s either consistent with our mission consistent with what we want to be known for, or it’s not. But what I see quite often with dental practices are here’s a new piece of equipment, or here’s a new way of marketing or here’s some new service or whatever.

And there are times where I go that’s completely off track for you. It’s not what you want to be known for, like, you know, if you’re a high quality, sort of a high quality practice, you deliver really great service and high end dentistry, then certain promotions, just you shouldn’t do them. Because it’s not on brand. It’s not what you want to be known for. And that’s really the point here.

So when it comes to the shower, if you’re shaving — shaving cream goes here, shampoo goes their little note to self. Now would you like some help with your marketing, I’ve got a free resource for you. It’s 101 ways to attract new patients to your practice. It’s free, it’s my gift to you. All you need to do is head to Anguspryor.com/101-ways so anguspryor.com/101-ways 101 ways to bring your patients.

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