Is Your Service Perishing

Winning In Business: Is Your Service Perishing?

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you how your services can be perishable and 2 simple tips of what to do instead.

Is your service perishing? Look, I’ve got a couple of old bits of stuff here. And if you could see them is that a very old trolley and an old, you know, thing for heating up water over afar, and so on. And, you know, apparently in nature, things that are stationary turned to atrophy, which is they die. But I wonder what that means for you, and the service that your business?

You know, when I was doing my marketing studies, they talked about service marketing, and one of the challenges with services and the industry is definitely a service business is that services are perishable, you can’t store them, you can’t package them. And what got me thinking about this was, there are two moments that happen regularly in dental practice. And you’ve got to be very, very careful that that service doesn’t perish.

And those two moments are about being on the phone. Now. I’ve got an appointment with a health care professional today. And I got a message on my phone that went something like this. Hi, it’s Jenny from blah blah blah, call me back on … bang! Now, from a service point of view, that was rubbish, I couldn’t I don’t know who the person’s name was, I have no idea what the business was. And thankfully, I heard a few of the numbers of the phone number, and I was able to look up the number on my phone and call them back.

But the reason why Jenny or whoever it was did that is because she’d made that call 10 times before. And so and by the way, she’s been in the job for three or four years. But those moments, those service moments that can be perishable. And the risk is that in that particular moment, I would say her service was quite poor.

Now, when I rang her back, she was fine. But this was just those few seconds, where she’d taken the time to actually speak more slowly and clearly and realise, that’s like a product, it’s like a little thing that you package up when someone buys off the shelf.

The other moment is when people answer the phone, it can be exactly the same deal. And one of the things that I encourage people to do when they’re, you know, running for the phone is to take a breath in and out and smile and then pick up the phone. It’s a little routine that takes one second. You could do that one-second routine before you pick up the phone, you could do that one-second routine before you you know, leave a message.

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