Let's Play Spot The Dentist (1)

Winning In Business: Let’s Play “Spot The Dentist”

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you about getting the right location for your new dental practice using a special tool to look at the ratio of dentists per head of population.

Let’s play spot the dentist. Are you ready? Now, I’m in Liverpool in Sydney on the eighth floor. And in a few seconds, I’ve shown you five dental practices. And the truth is, there are a lot more here than what I’ve just shown you. And my point here really is this, I’ve worked with dental practices where there’s not much competition, and I work with dental practices where there’s lots of competition.

And I can tell you, where there’s lots of competition, getting traction, getting people to come and be patients, but also to value the high services that you offer is very difficult. It just gets lost in a sea of noise. Now for the practices that I’ve just pointed out to you in some ways, they’re there. It’s not something that’s easy to sort of pick up stumps and go and practice somewhere else.

But I guess what I really want to speak to in this message is for people who are considering opening another pack of practice, because that, that getting that location right is absolutely essential. Now where I’ve just shown you and you can see there are a lot of people who live here. So yeah, I mean, there’s certainly room for more than one dentist.

But my concern is there are so many dentists here that getting your voice heard must be very difficult. So but by virtue of the Australian Dental Industry Association, I’ve got access to it’s kind of like a geospatial mapping tool that might not quite be the right name for it. But basically, what I’m offering to you is if you’re thinking about setting up a new practice, I’d like to offer you a free appointment, where we will sit down and we will have a look at the ratio of dentists per head of population, or authors per head of population or Windows or whatever the case may be.

Because I can tell you, I’ve seen the other side of this. And I’ve had a practice where we worked very hard with to get it to, you know, I couldn’t understand why the marketing wasn’t working that well there. And it’s because of the sheer volume of other dentists in the area.

And that is a situation, if possible, you want to avoid so if you visit AngusPryor.com and make a free appointment there. I’m not going to ask you anything. We’re just going to go through that together. And I’ll show you if you’re thinking about area A or Area B then I don’t think you want this situation in Liverpool you want to be you know, one of only a handful of dentists in the area where there are lots of people living there and not to meet the others.

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