Love, Are You Getting Enough

Winning In Business : Love, Are You Getting Enough?

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor Number one Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia and Practice Growth Specialist will be sharing with you about the link between love and business.

Love, are you getting enough? Now you might be thinking, Angus, what on Earth are you talking about love for on a show that’s about business. But let me tell you, there is so much research that shows the more loving relationships we have with others, the better we perform in all areas of our life. I know you hear stories of business people who, you know, they can sort of remove themselves and completely focus on their business.

But what happens is, that usually doesn’t end well. If you look at many of the most successful people. I’m thinking of, you know, Warren Buffett of Bill Gates or Richard Branson of a whole bunch of them, they’ve been in a stable long term loving relationship for years. Have they had their ups and downs? Probably. So there is definitely a link between love and business.

Now, as a reminder and a series looking at how to become a learning machine. And that comes from a quote by another billionaire guy called Charlie Munger. And by the way, you know, this is a business show. So we want to be talking about people who are successful with money. But the truth is, you don’t get to be a billionaire by figuring out a few things in life. So here’s the quote from Charlie Munger, I constantly see people rise in life, that’s what we want to do in winning in business, who are not the smartest, yay, sometimes not even the most diligent, yay. But they are learning machines, they go to bed a little wiser than when they got up and, boys, that help, particularly when you have a long life in front of you.

So we’ve established I think, that we have most of us would say on balance, yes. So I guess if I feel like I’m in a more loving relationship, whether that’s with one person or you know, a group of people, friends, or whatever, on bounce that probably gonna make my life better, and therefore my business better. Which begs the question, then, how do we become a learning machine in relation to love? Now, I’m going to start I’m going to, you know, they say you should speak about what you know. So for me, I’ve been married to the same woman for 30 years, thinking, how’s that possible, but it’s true. And our relationship, I’d have to say all things considered is better now than it was when we started.

And what happens is, in any relationship, you start, in my experience, but for me, personally, and what I watched with others, including my kids, is that initially, the love part is very simple, isn’t it? It’s because, you know, I’ve heard I heard a minister say, he said, you know, to fall in love requires a pulse. Like, basically, if you’re alive, you can fall in love, that part’s not hard. It’s the staying in love. It’s a challenge. And if the premise of this show is that we want to be more successful in business, then being in love is going to help or in a more loving relationships, then let’s go for it.

And so what this guy said a guy called Andy Stanley, he’s a speaker as well. He said, to have a more loving relationship, it’s about making love a verb, because you remember that initial thing, you know, you do anything for them, you’re in this kind of emotion of love. But for that to sustain over a length of time, it’s about making love a verb. And so it’s, it’s the actual doing, that can make a big difference. And one book that’s been a real game changer for me is called The Five Love Languages.

And if we want to be in a more loving relationship with our partner, you know, even our friends or our parents or whatever, what this book says is that, for us to receive love, it shows up in different ways, the five love languages that they talk about. One is called acts of service, you know, really love it when people do things for me, that’s my wife, number one, by the way. The other one is physical touch, you know, give someone a hug, whatever.

Then we’ve got words of affirmation, you know, Honey, you’re, you’re such a great wife or whatever, like some people really like that sort of stuff. Then there is gifts. That’s my watch. Second one. And it’s definitely one that I’m not strong at. And then the fifth one is spending time together.

And that is my highest one like, for me to feel like I’m in more loving relationships with my wife, but also my friends and family. I’d like for me going and having a coffee together is fantastic, because it makes me feel more loved spending time together. And the trick therefore becomes to find out what those it’s usually one or two for each person in your life.

What is it that makes them feel more loved, and if you can give that then you tend to receive that. Now for us to be learning machines. And for the purpose of this, we’re going to focus on one partner, if you’re a single person well then maybe think about your best friend. What is something I can test to see if that makes me feel like I’m in a more loving relationship. As I say for the moment we’ll focus on our partner. And what I’d suggest you do is the whole premise of this series is that you words of affirmation gifts, acts of service, time to get and physical touch.

Anyway, I think you get the idea for you to become a learning machine for you to be on the rise test, choose one of those five and have a go at doing that for a week, and then see how it goes. And you’ll find in some cases, it’s not going to improve your love, you know, the love experience at all, because that’s not the love language of your partner. Okay, it’s not that one. Let’s test the next one. And you the difference you see can be quite dramatic. I hope that makes sense. I think we in we intuitively know that, you know, the more loving relationships we’re in, the more successful we will be in business.

For us to be learning machines. It’s a matter of going and doing an experiment figuring out what the one thing is you want to try for a week. You know, see how that experiment works, and then move on from it. Otherwise is me being lovely to you. I’d like to give you a gift. I’ve got a video training program, which is the top five mistakes that dentists make attracting high quality patients because I hear from dentists. They like getting more patients but they really like the high quality ones. If you visit, you can get access to that program as my gift to you.

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