Marketing Tips From A Certified Marketing Genius

Winning In Business: Marketing Tips From A Certified Marketing Genius

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor the practice growth specialist and #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you some marketing tips (you don’t want to miss!) from a certified marketing genius.

Marketing tips from a certified marketing genius, bringing you a special video from a certified genius. Now I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about this man here, Dan Fleischman. I met down in the US recently. And his book is called how to set up your personal brand for under $1,000.

And I can tell you in the healthcare space that I work in, I would say, there’s more interest in that personal branding now than I’ve ever seen before. In fact, Bite magazine interviewed me about this earlier this year. But if I were to summarise Dan’s book, and he really is a certified expert, to give you an idea, Dan is the youngest person, that’s a photo of Dan, he is the youngest person to have had a youngest founder ever to have had a publicly listed company. So he did that in his early 20s.

And just to give you an idea, I mean for your company to be publicly listed. That’s a big company. So that’s his claim to fame. If I were to summarise his book into two points. The first is for you to be marketing your practice. Well, for you to be marketing yourself, well, you need to be everywhere. You know, sometimes people ask me, and they’re like, ah, you know, which social media channels should I use? You know, what about a website? What about YouTube, etc, etc. And the message from Dan is pretty simple, be everywhere, but you can repurpose the same content for this.

The second message from Dan is about variety of content. And I’ll admit to you I’m a little bit guilty of not having quite enough variety, I tend to make videos. But in 2022, we are going to have an audio, we’re going to have an image and we’re going to have a video come out each week.

So here’s one of the comments from Dan about Instagram. He says, As long as you’re posting once a day, and I’ve got to be honest with you, I’m not doing that but a bit of a challenge from Dan to me. As long as you’re posting every day the algorithm will reward you for your consistency. So if you’re posting more often you’ll actually have more views and he says try to keep a schedule of at least five to seven posts a week. So there you have it, marketing advice from a certified marketing expert.

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