The 2 Questions That Will Transform Your Case Conversion

Winning In Business : The 2 Questions That Will Transform Your Case Conversion

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor Number one Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia and Practice Growth Specialist will be sharing with you the 2 questions that will transform your case conversion.

Two questions that will transform your case conversion results at your practice. You know, something that’s occurred to me is the amount of business that is left sitting on a table at a dental practice. Because, in a sense, we haven’t done a great job of helping our patients understand what the value is, and what the opportunities are.

The truth is, for me as a patient, I don’t think I’ve ever been asked about what my interests are in terms of my smile. And to me, that’s quite extraordinary. And then I’m not talking about being pushy, simply saying, “Have you ever wondered?” So here are the two questions that I’ve got from a very experienced dentist that can really transform your case conversion efforts.

The first question is, is there anything you’re unhappy with about your smile? Is there anything you’re unhappy with about your smile, that allows people to focus on a problem or potential negative they want to restore? And then the second question is equally important. “Would you like to hear about the options?” Now, sometimes, people know the stuff they’re unhappy with about this smile, but that doesn’t mean I want to do anything about it.

And so that second question, again, is a great opening. If they go, “Yeah, I would like to hear about the options”. It gives you full permission to talk about what they are, and then you can go from there. And I can tell you as a patient, I’ve never been asked anything remotely like that. And yet the truth is, there are some things I’m a bit unhappy about my smile, and I would be interested in hearing the options. So that’s two very simple questions you could ask.

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