Winning In Business: What Do Your Patient’s Hear When They Are On Hold?

This week, Angus Pryor Number one Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia and Practice Growth Specialist will be sharing with about

What do your patients hear when they’re on hold? Now look, I need to tell you about two scenarios recently, I called a practice and I got put on hold, which is okay, although ideally, we’d never put anyone on hold but nevertheless, it happens. And there was music on there that I was ready to tear my hair out. It was this. I can’t remember what it was. But it was just something that sent me bonkers.

And then on the flip side, I was dealing with a client of ours who asked me to look through the scripts that they use for the on hold messaging, and it just got me to thinking What do your patients hear when they’re on hold at your practice, because the reality is, with a two-minute hold, let’s say it’s two minutes, especially if you’ve already spoken to someone, you know, you could deliver four messages in that time, maybe as many eight messages where it’s like a 10-second burst about something that you do, and then a bit of music and you could do that a few times.

And that is so much better than the alternative which is listening to some music that sounded like it was written in the 1980s on our kind of Casio keyboard, which just really put me off. And it occurred to me that if you’re on hold messaging is done well, then, in fact, when people get off hold, they could actually ask you and say hey, by the way, I heard you’re doing something to do with whitening at the moment or whatever it is. So that can be a real friend or foe.

The question for you is what are your patients hearing when you’re on hold? Now look, I’ve got a little freebie for you. Because as far as I can tell every dentist in Australia would like to attract more high-quality patients. And so I’ve got a free report. It’s actually a video. The five mistakes that Aussie dentists make when trying to attract high-quality patients and if you go to Then that would be my gift to you.

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