Which Practice Would YOU Prefer

Winning In Business: Which Practice Would YOU Prefer?

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you about which practice would you prefer?

Which practice would you prefer? Today I met with someone who’s in the same industry as me, but I’m dealing only with dentists, he’s dealing with a whole bunch of clients. And he told me how many clients he had. And it was hundreds. And in my world, that’s a lot. Remembering that you’re seeing people twice a year, we’re servicing them every month. And I was like, wow.

And then I asked him, so what’s the median spend per client per year? And he told me, and I was like, less wow, so let me ask you the question in relation to dentistry, two practices here, we’ve got P for patients, and the dollar sign, that’s the average spend per patient per year. And so we’ve got practice A and practice B. Now for practice A, you going this is excellent. They’ve got 2000 active patients, you know, bigger size circle, and this practice base got 1000 patients.

But here’s the kicker, the median spend per patient in practice A is actually quite a bit lower, and quite a bit higher at B. And the question is, which one would you want, and I know which one I’d want, I would be going for B all the day, it is so much easier to service 1000 clients than it is 2000.

Like the more clients you have to service, the bigger risk you have of things going wrong. Now I’m not saying you want to serve as 50 people or 10, or whatever, you need a reasonable amount, but that double in growth here could be double or quadruple their headaches. Whereas if I’ve got a slightly smaller group or half, but their median spend is higher than for me that is much more attractive business.

Which begs the question, how do you attract more of those high-quality patients? Now I could spend ages telling you but the fact of the matter is I’ve shot a free training video, the top five mistakes that Aussie dentists make trying to attract high-quality patients, and that will be my free gift to you. So if you visit www.AngusPryor.com/HQ, as in high quality, then you can get a hold of that video and find the answer.

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