Are You Adding Marbles To Your Bucket

Winning In Life : Are You Adding Marbles To Your Bucket?

This week on Winning In Life, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you about how you can reap big rewards to win in life.

Are you adding marbles in your bucket? Now I’ve got a question for you about putting marbles in a bucket. A number of years ago, I took guitar lessons and my guitar teacher said to me, that “Every day you practise it’s like taking a marble and putting it in a bucket.” And of course, when you put one marble in a bucket you don’t really notice the difference, do you? But if you’re doing that every day, after a while you start to notice that in effect.

And two things happened in my life in the last week that sort of got me to thinking about putting marbles in a bucket and how that helps us win in life. The first is, believe it or not, in about three days’ time, it will be my 30-year wedding anniversary. I’m 52, I was married at 22. And tomorrow we’re going to stay in the same hotel that we did on our wedding night all those years ago. Hopefully they’ve renovated it a bit since then. But it’s really, you know, the fact that we’ve still together and happily married after all those years is because of all those marbles in the buckets, you know? Whatever that means for you in your relationships.

The second thing that happened is, I’ve been selling a bit of property and, You know, I’ve had some come through in the last week and they’ve had very nice growth, in some ways a bit unexpected. But again, that’s only possible because I made these purchases five or six years ago. And it’s kind of, as it were, putting a marble in the bucket each time, that’s allowed me to reap the reward now, you know? We live in a society that thinks everything’s instant and we want it all now, and yet, that sort of conscientious putting the marble in the bucket each day, as it were, can reap big rewards in helping you win in life.

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