Are You Going With The Flow

Winning In Life : Are You Going With The Flow?

This week on Winning In Life, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you about going with the flow.

Are you going with the flow? Now, in the background there is the Georges River. I’m in Sydney. This is I guess south of the city, and you might be able to see. You’ll see there’s some buoys there in the background, and we know that at the moment, and I actually walk across this bridge most days. You’ll see that the river is flowing towards me at the moment, but at certain times of the day, it’ll be flowing this way, and in certain times of the day it’ll be flowing that way.

And one of the things I wanted to talk to you about today is going with the flow. And my question for you is around outcomes for 2021. And if you are not happy with the outcomes that you got in 2020, and let’s face it, a lot of us had some challenges with COVID. Then it may be partly because you’re too much going with the flow.

I mean, if you look at all the people around you, and they’re getting outcomes that you’re not happy with, and let’s face it, when you look at the norms in society, many of them are quite unhelpful. I mean, financially, for example, most people are not particularly well off when they retire in Australia. That’s just a statistical fact. I think the levels of financial independence amongst Australians in retirement, genuine financial independence, it’s less than 10%.

So if you were to go with the flow there, I would say that would be a bad example. If you looked at the norms in relation to business, you know, I think half of businesses shut within the first year and by 10 years, it’s something like 90% of them have shut. And I guess the question is, we just got to consider, are we going with the flow? Are we doing what everybody else is doing? Or are we trying to set our own path? Hope that’s helpful.

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