Do You Have A Business Or Have You Bought A Job

Winning In Life : Do You Have A Business Or Have You Bought A Job?

This week on Winning In Life, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you about whether do you have a business or have you bought a job?

Do you have a business or if you just bought yourself a job? Now look, I am here in country Victoria in front of what is a large millstone. Perhaps you’ve heard that it’s an expression, literally a stone that was used back in the day in news. And if I can get the phone to work, I’ll show you what it says.

And the point I wanted to make just in case you couldn’t read that the millstone, adjacent bluestone footings are all that remains of the Creswick flour mill, which stood on this corner for 27 years. And here’s my question to you and something for all of us to think about. If you’re a business owner, and you don’t have anything that lasts beyond you, then I would say at one point, all you’ve really got as a job. And this is something for me as well for me to consider.

But you know, like this, this millstone before me, it’s this mill was here for 27 years. And the question is what happened after that? Now for some of you, that might be fine, and you go, Angus, I’m happy to have a good job and live a good life and then let the next generation worry about it. But for some people watching this, you’re thinking, well, what’s the legacy that I lead? What is the sustainable resource that I can create.

A book that I read last year called Sustainable by Josh Patrick? He’s talking about building businesses, they’re going to last for hundreds of years. And here’s the key. How does it run when you’re not there? Because if if the business falls apart when you’re not there, then in a sense, you don’t really have a business you just bought yourself a job. So a bit of food for thought, have you got a business or have you just bought yourself a job.

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