How Narrow Is Your Path To Success

Winning In Life: How Narrow Is Your Path To Success

This week on Winning In Life, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you about how narrow is your path to success.

How narrow was your path to success? I’m in country Victoria at the moment that there is a face code allow falls, which we’ve just walked to. And you can see there’s a part that goes through here and and off it goes. And the truth is there was one point a bit down that way when you standing looking at it, you know, the path is actually kind of bending down towards like this. There’s a decent drop there.

And I guess my point is that as I’m standing there, looking at that path, I’m thinking, that’s a bit scary looking, it’s like it’s sloping the wrong way. And if I walked in there, and I’m worried I’m gonna fall over the edge and as I say, that is quite a decent drop, but in some ways is a bit of a metaphor for life, isn’t it?

I mean, things can look scarier before you attempt them that your pathway to success than what the actual result is. And the truth is that I stared at it for a minute and I thought I can probably do this and one side down that it was actually easier than what I thought. So I guess for you and your path to success. What is the narrow path, the narrow bit that you’ve kind of looking at and you think, Oh, you know, do I want to do this where I if I can make a recommendation based on what I’ve just done, just give it a go.

What’s the worst thing that can happen? Obviously, you got to be safe. I’ve got a fallen off the edge there. I would say that drops about 40 to 50 metres. You don’t want to do that but you know, I do. I did feel a lot better again fell aside. Now look a little freebie for you. We’ve got a magazine called Dental Edge and if you visit and that you can get a free subscription and that would be my gift to you.

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