Winning In Life : So My Wife Says To Me “We Should Open A Dental Practice”

This week on Winning In Life, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you about staying in your lane.

So my wife says to me, we should open a dental practice. Now, the truth is my wife did say that to me, we’ve moved to an area in country Victoria, just taking you for a walk. And she said, you know, and where we are, there’s actually no dentists super close. And there is a reasonable community here. And she said, Honey, we should open up a dental practice.

Now, to be clear, I am not a dentist, I’m a dental marketer, I work with dentists. But I’m not a dentist, my wife is not a dentist. Now, as I understand it, under the law, it would still be possible for us to open one. But the message here about winning in life is actually not about opening a dental practice. Toput your mind at rest, or not opening a dental practice. Let’s leave that to the experts. And that certainly ain’t me.

But the message here is about playing in your lane. You know, Henry Ford of Ford Motor Cars. At one point, he was suing someone in court and the prosecution was attempting to make it appear that he was ignorant because he didn’t know the answers to various bits of information.

And basically, what he said to the, you know, the lawyer on the other side was, look, I don’t need to have all of this sort of useless information. I don’t need to be trying to do things I’m not good at. At the end of my desk has a bunch of buttons, where I press the button and the relevant expert in that space, they do it for me. And in many ways, this is a life lesson in my experience, like, stay in your lane, be great at what you’re great at, and get help with those other things.

And for me, opening a dental practice is certainly not what I’m great at. So there you go. Now look, I’ve got a gift for you. It’s Dental Edge Magazine. It’s a free digital magazine to keep you at the cutting edge of dentistry. And if you visit you can get a free subscription. We’ve had a new issue out very recently and there’s one every two months.

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