I watched a man put 12 sugars in his coffee!

I watched a man put twelve sugars in his coffee.

Hi everyone, Angus Pryor here, multi award winning practice growth specialist.

Now yesterday I was in Melbourne in the city opposite the train station at 7-Eleven. And I literally watched a man with his coffee, he had those little pouches, things, he put 12 of them in there. They, the particular coffee place I was at, they had four of these things next to each other. So, I’m doing mine while he’s doing his next to me. And he, you know, got the four little sachets, rip the top off, stuck it in his small coffee and then he did it three times more. For a total of 12 coffees, I was sort of watching out of the corner of my eyes thinking this is unbelievable. Now the truth is the guy who did this, I watched him then proceeded to walk out of a store without paying for the coffee. And that’s bad. And what perhaps is worse, there was a security guard there who was on the phone didn’t see the thing didn’t do anything about it. What’s my point here?

My point is that this particular 7-Eleven that was just across the road from Southern Cross Station, perhaps the major train station Melbourne was attracting a certain type of clientele. Now, the security thing was annoying, but the fact is the way you set up your business will determine the kind of clients that you attract. And for this store to be in that location. It wasn’t super surprising that this guy came through. Pretty sure he’s a druggie I’ve never met anyone have 12 fillers in their coffee. But the question then becomes for you, how do you set up your business so that you attract the kind of clients that you want? And the truth is that needs to be a very deliberate decision not just in terms of where you’re located, but the kind of services that you provide and the kind of vibe that you create it your practice. If you want to be a 7-Eleven type dentist, that’s fine. But be aware you might find yourself facing people who are you know, the dental equivalent of wanting to put 12 sugars in their coffee. If you want to set this up and get this right, then you’re probably going to need some help. Why don’t you click on the link below and book in a call and let’s check. See you next time.

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