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Case Study
30% Growth in 12 months

Brian Chen has been practising dentistry since 2010, after joining a 6 year old practice. In 2018, Dr Chen had the opportunity to buy a practice in Jannali, NSW.

Like every dentist, Dr Chen was concerned with how many new patients he was getting each month. “Everyone always wnats more new patients” Dr Chen proclaimed. But what wasn’t clear, was how.

“The problem is that we didn’t have enough patients and the books would be quite gappy. This was putting strain on the practise. Obviously it’s a job and you’ve got to be patient. But we simply needed to see more patients. It was making me feel anxious and frustrated.”

Before Dr Chen found Angus Pryor, he was relying on Google Ads as his #1 source for attracting new patients. But it wasn’t easy. Dr Chen quickly realised how expensive and time consuming Google Ads can be, especially if you’re hiring an agency on top of paying for ads.

“When we discovered Angus Pryor and saw what he had been doing for other dentists across Australia, I was interested to speak with him about my dental practice. He was down to earth and quickly identified our problems, and took time to see if we were a good fit. He’s a very likeable person. Practical and really wants to help you out. It was clear from the start, he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to marketing and growing your dental practice effectively.”

Dentists that do good work are more likely to grow their practice, but the question is, how quickly do you want to grow? For Dr Chen, meeting Angus was an opportunity to accelerate growth, while eliminating doubt and anxiety about where the next patient will come from.

“He had a lot of good ideas. No crazy promises. No hype or impossible promises. I really liked that about Angus.” Since working with Angus’ team, Dr Chen’s practice has seen consistent growth in new patients. Well, certainly the new patient numbers have grown by approximately 30%.

How Dental Marketing Solutions SOLD OUT a $25,000 Course From the OrthoED Institute


The OrthoED Institute helps dentists build their confidence in treating orthodontic cases through sound fundamental knowledge and case support. The organisation’s prominent flagship education program is the OrthoED Mini Masters, a 2-year orthodontic program with a price tag of $25,000.

OrthoED spent 2 years trying to increase enrolment numbers but lacked a presence in the dental education sector. As such, the client struggled to reach 75 enrolments – having only enrolled 19 students. This was due to:

  • Uncoordinated marketing
  • Inconsistent branding with no prominent unique selling proposition
  • Overreliance on word of mouth
  • Sporadic marketing campaign execution
  • Lack of visibility on their programs and courses



To market the OrthoED Mini Masters, Dental Marketing Solutions developed the following goals:

  • To increase the enrolment intake for the OrthoED Mini Masters and fill their 75 spaces for their face-to-face program
  • To build testimonials and reviews for The OrthoED Institute
  • To increase social media engagement from occasional interaction to more engagements per month
  • To market the OrthoED Mini Masters as the No 1 orthodontic education program for dentists in Australia
  • To position Dr Geoff Hall as the ‘myth-busting orthodontist’ in Australia
  • To increase overall revenue for The OrthoED Institute

Through understanding the client’s consumer avatar and with specialist knowledge in the dental industry, Dental Marketing Solutions set about implementing an ‘omnipresence’ approach for OrthoED. This was done through:

  • Driving leads from social media, mailing lists, SEO and Google ads to 30 targeted landing pages to promote webinars, free reports, direct enquiries, and enrolments.
  • Marketing Dr Geoff Hall, OrthoED’s lead instructor, as a fun, human, and approachable orthodontist
  • Having a strong focus on content marketing and highlighting Dr Hall’s engaging teaching style through educational content
  • Developing offers with elements of scarcity to entice early-bird registration.
  • Coming up with new pricing models to appeal to different market segments
  • Establishing an accession model to move prospects from awareness to initial purchase to upgrade.


The OrthoED Institute exceeded its enrolment goals with the help of Dental Marketing Solutions. Within 24 months, the OrthoED Mini Masters witnessed an increase in student intake from 19 to 75 students. Registrations for the program also sold-out 6 weeks before closing, and over 75 students pre-registered for the course for the following year.

Considering the economic impacts of COVID during the year, it was a remarkable result.

Dental Marketing Solutions also enabled The OrthoED Institute to achieve these positive results:

  • Sell out its smaller 2-3 day courses
  • Grow student enrolment by 580% between 2019 to 2022
  • Surpassed its gross revenue to over $3,000,000
  • OrthoED is now the #1 reviewed Australian orthodontic training association in Australia
  • Increase conversion from the Mini Masters course to the Advanced Aligner Module; a separate aligner program that’s available twice per year
  • Became finalists in the dental industry and won multiple awards
  • Increase company value from $1 million to $2 million within two years

Dental Marketing Solutions is the No. 1 Google Ranked Dental Marketers in Australia. For a personalised discussion on how can help your practice, call us at 1300 513 657, or email us at

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