Winning In Business: The One Question That Can Immediately Boost Patient Numbers By 5%

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you the ONE question that can immediately boost patient numbers by 5%.

The one question that can add 5% your new patient numbers. Now, you might be thinking, Angus, that’s a fantastic claim. Are you telling me if I ask one question, I can get a 5% boost in new patient numbers? And I’m going to tell you, I believe the answer that question is yes. Now 5%. That means that let’s say for argument’s sake, if you had 20 people calling you to make a new appointment, if you could get one out of 20 to make a second appointment, and I’m going to explain how in a second, that that would be a 5% boost. So that doesn’t sound unreasonable, does it?

And the question is, what is the question you can ask? And this is a great question to be asking your team. You see, in sales, I’ve got my wallet here, the moment that somebody opens their wallet, and gets ready to pay you for the first transaction by a much more open to subsequent transactions. And when you’re speaking to someone on the phone, they haven’t opened their wallet necessarily. But they nevertheless, they’ve sort of, they’ve stepped over the chasm from not doing business with you ever to being prepared to have their first appointment. And that is the perfect time to get their attention.

So you want to know what the question is. The question is, while I’ve got you, is there anybody else in your household I could make an appointment for? So someone, they’ve stepped over that chasm, they ready to make an appointment for themselves? And I’ve got to say to you, our data suggests that around one in 20, people will say yes, by particularly for example, if it’s a mum calling to make an appointment for herself, you asked that question, she might say, yeah, let’s get one of the kids booked in, let’s get to the kids booked in, let’s get my partner booked in.

So there’s one very simple question that you should ask every time you book in a new patient over the phone because as I said, it’s like they’ve stepped over that chasm. It’s like they’ve opened their wallet, they’re ready and willing to go and that’s a good place to ask that question.

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