What If You Could Live Today For The Second Time_

Winning In Life : What If You Could Live Today For The Second Time?

This week on Winning In Life, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you about what if you could live today

What if you could live today for the second time? Now, look, I’m reading a book at the moment called business Made Simple by Donald now. And you might be thinking, Well, why are you talking about business if this is Winning In Life, but he poses a question in here, which I think is very apt for our lives.

And one of the things he does in his morning routine, is he asks himself the question, what would I do differently if I were living today for the second time? Now, of course, that might seem like a strange question, because we don’t get to do that. But it just does pose you know, I mean, if you, it’s almost like, imagine, you know, like, it’s morning.

Now, when I’m recording this, in fact, still fairly dark outside. Imagine if I’m looking at my day going. At the end of the day, what will I regret doing? And what will I regret not doing? And I think if you start the day with that question, what if I could live this day a second time, then that really changes your thinking about the date as well. I mean, I, it’s Friday.

And so I’m going to finish work very promptly. I don’t like working late on a Friday. And in fact, my wife, we’re going to a concert tonight. So that’s awesome. But I’m thinking, Well, you know, when I get into bed tonight, and I look back on today, what are the things that I regret not doing and what I regret doing, and I realised that I have a list of things I want to do today. And, and for me to look back on the day and go, Hey, this is the day I’ve lived for the second time that I’m going to get into that list first and do it early without distractions.

So you know, if a thought pops into my mind, I just write it down, rather than go off on that tangent, which can so easily happen. So that, you know, I could have the kind of big rocks in my day as it were get those done early, like why not have them done by two or three. And then you know, there’ll be other things that I’ll need to attend to. And that’s fine. And I can do those for the rest of the day.

So what if you could live today for the second time. Now speaking of which, one little gift to you, which is our magazine, which is a free magazine, or at least at the moment free is a free subscription. It’s called Dental Edge Magazine. And if you visit DentalEdgeMagazine.com.au It’s a digital magazine. We’ve got our third edition that has just been released. Lots of great content for the whole team clinical and non clinical. So that’s my free gift to you today. DentalEdgeMagazine.com.au otherwise, catch you next time on Winning In Life.

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