You’ve got 5 seconds…

You’ve got five seconds.

Hi everyone, Angus Pryor here. Australia’s number one, Google ranked dental marketer, you’ve only got five seconds to do what?

To get people’s attention on your website. You know, I, with people’s attention spans the way they are, your opportunity to get their attention when they get to your website is very limited that five seconds that I counted at the start of this video, that’s how long you’ve got. That’s what the research shows. And in those five seconds, you’ve got to answer three questions. I just want to make this observation a lot of clients I deal with, I want to go all but make sure we include that. And we include that. And we include that. And we include that. You know, there’s a saying if you try to prioritize everything, then you prioritize nothing in five seconds, how much can you actually communicate? And the answer, of course, is very little. What the research shows, you’ve got to say, what’s this about? Who is this for and why should I engage? And you’ve got to communicate that very quickly. If you do a good job of ad in the first five seconds, that section above the fold of your website, then by all means people are going to hang around and read the rest. But remember my friends, you’ve got five seconds.

See you next time.

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