3 unusual jobs CEOs must do…

Three unusual jobs that you must do as SEO. G’day! Angus here Australia’s number one Google-ranked dental marketer.

Now look, I’ve just been doing a podcast interview and I’m chatting, you’re in my office, I’ve even got the mattress there, just to try and improve the acoustics of the room while I’m recording. And I interviewed a guy called Matt Sitter who said something about being a CEO, you know, the person in charge of your business that I’ve never heard before. And I think these are great insights.

So he is number one, one of your jobs as the CEO, the practice principle of your business is to be chief dot connector. And he made this really interesting observation. When you are sitting at the top of an organization, you’ve got access to a whole range of different bits of information, and it’s your job to connect the dots for your team and put people together. It’s something we don’t think about.

Number two, you need to be head of market intelligence. Again, you’ve got perspectives as the CEO is the head of your business, which other people don’t have. And so you can get a bit of a look over the horizon, what’s happening, who you’re talking to, what are you finding out, and then third, now, this one’s not super unusual, but when it is one we need to embrace, which is about being the head of people because one thing’s for sure you as the leader get to set the culture for an organization. What does it feel like when people walk into your organization? So those are three unusual steps but important steps for you as the CEO of your business.

Catch you next time.

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