Do something different

Do something different.

Hi everyone. Angus Pryor here. Australia’s number one Google ranked dental marker.

Now I am at FDI in Sydney at the convention center. And as you can see, there are lots and lots and lots of exhibitors here. But the truth is that what I’m seeing here is a little bit like what dentists face in your area, almost certainly, which is how do you stand out from everyone else? Because, you know, at a tradeshow it I’m not dissing these guys, they’ve done a good job. But in some ways, it’s kind of come to our stand, get a freebie, play with something, do whatever. And what I probably would like to see is someone who’s gone and looked outside the dental industry and said, Well, what’s something that’s totally different to what everyone’s doing? And then bring that back in? Because for you, as dentist, you price exactly the same thing.

I was talking to a dentist this morning, who was talking about patients who consider all dentists to be the same. And I’d say that’s a really common problem. And so the question is, what is it that you can do different in a way that’s meaningful for the patient and they go, Oh, I know these guys are somehow in another category. If you can get yourself in the mind’s eye of your patient as being in a different category. I know they’re not just a dentist, they’re a dot, dot dot, then your chances of standing out from the crowd is so much better. Otherwise, the risk is that all patients think everyone’s the same. And then they just go for the cheapest dentist and that is something we want to avoid. Catch you next time.

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