Meta Insider Reveals SECRET Social Media Technique

This social media technique that is leaving the others for dead.

Hi everyone, Angus Pryor here, multi award winning practice growth specialist. Right now, I’m in the beautiful grounds of the Shangri-La resort in Cebu in the Philippines, it’s a pretty hot day, which is why I’m standing in the shade here. Absolutely beautiful gardens here. I like what they’ve done up here. And if you can see that they’ve got a bit of a hanging gardens of Babylon thing. Now I’m at a business conference here. And I’ve been listening to a lady called Heather who was a trainer for meta, you know, she, on behalf of Facebook and Instagram, she’s the person that’s training people how to use that product better. And there’s one real game changer, she gave a number of case studies about running ads and producing content on meta. And this is the thing that a lot of people are not doing that she’s showed us actual results. This is not just one person’s opinion, you’re ready for it. Videos just like this, that sort of relaxed video making just on you know, on your smartphone, that stuff has way outperforming these kind of very sort of starchy sitting there you know with your white lab coat on, and you know, looking down the camera and it’s all very highly produced.

There’s nothing wrong with those other ones but what they’re finding and meta you know for running ads for getting people don’t engage those this user generated content, just me and my smartphone talking directly. Being real life not being to kind of rehearsed if I make a little mistake. I’m just gonna keep going because that’s how people speak. So, if you find yourself saying I’m not sure how to get more attention in social media, then the number one tip I got from that presentation is this style of casual video. One other thing and I’m when I make videos in my company they got they get put onto YouTube, they got put onto Instagram and they got put onto Facebook, but one thing she did say is that you don’t want to be doing the landscape which is what this has been recorded on but do portrait because that works a lot better in social media. I hope that’s helpful. See you next time.

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