The Fastest Way to Success

The Fastest Way to Sucess

Hi everyone, Angus Pryor here.

Now over there, what I just showed you is the MCG, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, which I believe is the biggest cricket ground or indeed sporting ground in Australia. And there’s a football match just about to happen and the crowds are pouring in. It’s a football match between Richmond and Hawthorne. And you know what all of the fans going to this. So, I’ll give you a view of them in just a second. They all want success, don’t they? You can see all the people walking along there. And I’m going to be constantly being people walking past me, you know, with their gear on and they all want success. They all want to achieve that. Well, the fact is, I’m nearby at an event. And the speaker that I’ve just heard is a guy called Tom Ziglar.

Now, if you were to Google, a guy called Zig Ziglar, you would find he’s one of the most popular motivational speakers of all time, he wrote 45 books. And they say he influenced 25 million people.  And Tom and his son, who’s continued the family legacy. Now, here’s the quote that he made, which I think is a fascinating quote, the fastest way to success is to replace a bad habit with a good habit. Think about that for a second replace a bad habit with a good habit. What are the habits in your life that are actually not great? As I’m sitting there, I’m thinking gee, I spent a bit of time on social media just wasting time like what if I replace that habit with reading some sort of inspirational or maybe it’s an educational thing like that would make me succeed faster. And you know, maybe I’m thinking what’s a bad habit for me. if I’m honest with you, I’m a little bit fond of sugar but you know what if I reply stating something with sugar was something that was a bit healthier, you know, fruit or veggies or something? I think you get the idea. Anyway, that’s based on a man his father influenced 250 million people. And that’s an idea because by these people going to football, you want success. 

Catch you next time.

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