Two Business Principles That Guarantee Success

Two Business Principles That Guarantee Success.

Hi, everyone, Angus Pryor here, Australia’s number one dental marker.

Now look at this. Look at this beautiful lemon tree here. And I would say this is the perfect metaphor for growing your business. We’ve got a tree that is absolutely full with lemons. And indeed, there’s some little spots here as well. Smells delicious. And this is really what we’d like our business to do, too, isn’t it to, to bear fruit to thrive. But the two principles that I want to show you is actually quite applicable this tree here, I’m going to get out of the shade. The first principle is that you need to never ever get give up. And if you have a look at the tree there, you’ll see it’s quite a big tree, isn’t it? And it’s, you know, it would have been wouldn’t have been difficult for that tree to die in the early days. And it never would have been able to bear this fruit. So that’s the first thing never ever give up. This is the second thing, which is you need to adapt. Now, I don’t know if you can see that there. But that trunk is not straight. And the truth is my view in businesses, if you never give up and you adapt, then this is what you can expect. Because like this tree, you know, it could have died when it was young, but they kept going.

And the second part is that it had a bad start, you know, it sort of hit it off at an angle but it managed to straighten up and produce all this amazing fruit. So, if you find yourself in business, wondering, well, what do I need to do, then honestly, never give up and adapt. As long as you do that. I guarantee you you’ll grow and succeed.

Catch you next time.

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